Chez E.G.O Restaurant

Hey all … hope you are happy and in good health!

Where do I begin to tell this crazy story…. Mmmm.. let me see I’ll take you back 4 months ago ( I promise to make it quick) to my first encounter with this restaurant that I shall call CHEZ E.G.O (trust me guys I am being nice by just naming it Chez E.G.O!)

Some acquaintances suggested that we go have dinner in a new restaurant in town… “The” place to be… so they booked a week ahead and we were informed that we were lucky to find a table that quick! Now I wish we didn’t find a table!

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I went on my day off, presumably to a top- notch travel agency (TA) in the country (Lebanon), trying to organize my summer trip to Greece… This TA featured all over Lebanon unipoles stating Turkey & Greece Best Packages! 

Great! The place to go! I went into the TA head office where the receptionist was very friendly. She asked me to wait for 15 minutes and proposed to offer me a cup of coffee… I gladly accepted and started looking around the TA premises, as a true marketer ;-). The branding was really nice; even the sugar pack is branded! The colors are very attractive, the company corporate Values & Principles of the TA are clearly posted: Integrity, Efficiency, Customer service etc…. Bravo! For the marketing Department well done! It gives the customer a feeling of genuine credibility…

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Hello Guys…

This is my first experience in writing a blog… can’t tell you how happy and excited I am. When I first heard of the blogging era, I thought it is something beyond me. I am very outdated & will never be able to get acquainted with it. All I have is an email address and I am not even active on facebook! and to be honest, I was very scared to ask someone about this “thing”… yet  I knew that the online stuff are the next BIG THING! and in a couple of years everything else will be called the old way!  

Anyhow, thanks to my friend/colleague Assaad (very active in the online community I urge you to visit his blog) I decided to write my first blog today.

Let’s cut to the chase! 

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