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Elsa’s Glass Shoes

Hello everybody,

A friend of mine, after reading my posts, told me: “poor you! Why these misfortunes occur to you all the time!! If I were you I would stay home!” we had a good laugh… but it made me think that I need to tell you a story that happened to a friend, a story of which I was an eye witness 😉

It all started that evening when I was out having dinner with the girls; one of my friends Elsa was walking in her new shoes, which she was so proud of, and suddenly broke her heels!! Both of them! Loll… It was truly funny, especially that she said: “Hey girls, be careful there is a step over here!” just to realize afterwards that there were no steps at all, both her heels were just broken… on that night the poor Elsa has been mocked over and over again! Especially that she was bragging all night about her new shoes.



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