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Hello everybody!

I am deeply sorry but my experience today is not a positive one. Believe me when I tell u that I sincerely wish to write a gratifying customer experience! But honestly nothing of the sort happened to me lately, – and I am not playing the difficult to please- so guys I count on you to share with me your exceptional service stories…

Today I am going to tell you about my last Saturday adventure, my friends and I went to our usual and favorite seafood restaurant, located in the old Byblos bay I am sure you know it, it’s one of the oldest restaurants featuring on its walls celebrities pictures  from the seventies and eighties.



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Chez E.G.O Restaurant

Hey all … hope you are happy and in good health!

Where do I begin to tell this crazy story…. Mmmm.. let me see I’ll take you back 4 months ago ( I promise to make it quick) to my first encounter with this restaurant that I shall call CHEZ E.G.O (trust me guys I am being nice by just naming it Chez E.G.O!)

Some acquaintances suggested that we go have dinner in a new restaurant in town… “The” place to be… so they booked a week ahead and we were informed that we were lucky to find a table that quick! Now I wish we didn’t find a table!


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