No Place ;-(

Hello friends … I miss talking to you! I took a small break in order to start a new fresh and vibrant season. Hope you all are doing fine and in good mental and physical health.

When on vacation, you go to the beach, so, under the hot summer sun, we headed to a beach resort in Byblos area. It was a weekday and the fee was relatively low, compared with the others resorts, which sounded like a promising start for the day, until the latter chain of events followed.


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Hazmieh Ditch No roadblock

A year ago… a month ago… a week ago… and again yesterday the Hazmieh- Damascus highway road has been closed again to the circulation!!! Can you imagine! A highway, a vital road between major areas in Lebanon closed to the circulation! Closed for security reasons, but not the citizens’ security, closed for construction works…

If you live in Baabda/ Hazmieh/ Jamhour region you will immediately understand what I am talking about… you know what? If you live in Lebanon you will immediately get my point! 😉

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Last year we decided to travel to an (almost) neighboring country, a destination that has become particularly popular with the Lebanese for its proximity, attractions and the absence of visa formalities. The smart thing to do in this case was to travel with the national carrier of the country of destination, especially since we were going to take internal flights.

Although there were multiple choices for our internal flight we decided –conservatively- to give ourselves a 3 hours window between the internal flight and the flight back to Beirut. After all, why stress over flight connections!? We were on vacation and we decided to give ourselves plenty of time to check the duty free area for some last shopping.

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Elsa’s Glass Shoes

Hello everybody,

A friend of mine, after reading my posts, told me: “poor you! Why these misfortunes occur to you all the time!! If I were you I would stay home!” we had a good laugh… but it made me think that I need to tell you a story that happened to a friend, a story of which I was an eye witness 😉

It all started that evening when I was out having dinner with the girls; one of my friends Elsa was walking in her new shoes, which she was so proud of, and suddenly broke her heels!! Both of them! Loll… It was truly funny, especially that she said: “Hey girls, be careful there is a step over here!” just to realize afterwards that there were no steps at all, both her heels were just broken… on that night the poor Elsa has been mocked over and over again! Especially that she was bragging all night about her new shoes.

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Hello everybody!

I am deeply sorry but my experience today is not a positive one. Believe me when I tell u that I sincerely wish to write a gratifying customer experience! But honestly nothing of the sort happened to me lately, – and I am not playing the difficult to please- so guys I count on you to share with me your exceptional service stories…

Today I am going to tell you about my last Saturday adventure, my friends and I went to our usual and favorite seafood restaurant, located in the old Byblos bay I am sure you know it, it’s one of the oldest restaurants featuring on its walls celebrities pictures  from the seventies and eighties.

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My never ending diet…

A couple of months ago, I decided to lose 5 kilos! So I was referred by a friend to a dietician that we shall call Kristo, in Achrafieh next to Hotel Dieu de France Hospital.

Did you know that dieticians are not doctors!!! I personally didn’t know that. As I walked in I noticed that they are displaying diet food, chocolates bars, powder juice etc., along with price tags on each item!!! I honestly didn’t dare to ask if they are selling this stuff at the “clinic”.

The appointment was at 4: 30, and of course, they let me in at 5:15, noting that I called before going, and got firm assurances that there would be no delay since I was overloaded with work.

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Hyperactive Bee

A couple of weeks ago we headed to a nice beach resort located in the south of Lebanon, we shall call it Hyperactive Bee for the purpose of this blog. It was not our first time to Hyperactive Bee, as the beach was one of our favorite destinations, known for its good service, relaxed ambiance and excellent location.

Surprisingly the fees were heavily increased this summer, knowing that the Lebanese beach front is public property, anyway this was expected as everything is getting more and more expensive nowadays!

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